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Nothing is impossible.


There is stiff competition to attract the best people and the situation will become increasingly difficult. HR managers are already experiencing the impact of the development of a candidate’s market. The dynamics of these changes have had significant implications for the search and selection of professionals and executives. The application of classical search paths is no longer leading to the desired goals. A modern search approach has become essential but it is complex and requires precise tuning of the methods applied to the communication process relevant to specific target groups. We call it Tailor-made Recruiting Solutions.

An excellent business card in the candidate market is becoming increasingly important. A candidate’s assessment of a prospective company’s reputation depends also on which HR consultancy firm they engage. We understand our role as

„Employer branding from the start“.


The aim of a career move is to achieve a balance between personal advancement, a rewarding task and an attractive remuneration. The central challenge is identifying the right career opportunity at the right time. We offer you active support to help realize your personal career plans and achieve your next professional objective. If you like, you can use us as a sparring partner.

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Technological progress is what drives our society.


What defines all our clients is innovation and growth. Most of them operate in these fields of expertise:

  • Machinery, construction and suppliers
  • Automation and Sensor Technology
  • Chemistry and Synthetics Technology
  • Electronics
  • Energy

It is no longer the availability of sufficient capital that determines the growth patterns of companies, but the availability of suitable human resources.There is already grave shortage of appropriate professionals in the so-called STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We have long known that this gap between positions vacant and talent to fill them is not an economic problem, but a demographically induced, structural gap, which has had an enormous impact on recruiting processes.

This is the challenge we currently have to face up to every day.Both founders of young high-tech start-ups as well as executives of medium-sized businesses put their faith in our expertise and commitment to tackle this problem.

Humantiy life health.


Our clients are both innovative health care start-ups as well as global industry leaders, operating mainly in the fields of:

  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Health Care

Today’s medical technology sector also has to face up to dynamic changes. The lack of homogenous regulation pertaining to legal aspects in the health care sector has led to manufacturers of medical technology products moving towards a more strongly market orientated policy on research and development. The establishment of such an increase of innovative products on the market requires a widening range of highly specialized approaches to marketing and sales to keep pace with this development.Pharmaceutical products are highly innovative and to an increasing extent have a biotechnological basis. The transfer of broadly effective so-called blockbuster drugs, to highly specific, patient-oriented drugs, is becoming increasingly important. This not only has implications for development and production, but also to an increasing degree for their marketing and sale.

The entire health care market is in a state of continual growth. This is due to demographic developments on the one hand and being able to help more and more patients because of the benefits of new discoveries through research on the other. Providing this growth industry with the qualified and motivated employees that it desperately needs will be one of the most demanding challenges we face over the coming years. We are determined to meet this demand.Human resources consulting in the field of health care – if we can be successful, then so can our clients.