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Tailor made recruiting solutions.


Tetris Management Consultants is a successful, independent human resources consultancy. Our headquarters in Cologne, Frankfurt, Lake Constance and Switzerland provide us with optimal bases for covering all German-speaking countries.

Profiting from years of experience in our specialized field and over ten years of HR consulting expertise as successful partners of Germany’s leading HR consulting companies, we have developed a range of modern search methods which have resulted in 700 placements to date. Our clients mainly represent the technology and healthcare sectors, ranging from global players to high-tech start-ups.

We offer our services when it comes to the realization of growth strategies, or when vacancies need to be refilled. Furthermore, we advise our clients on the development and reorganization of staffing structures.


Merely offering standard solutions is not our style at all. Individual and detailed analysis of the business environment, which includes precise definition of the candidate profile, and the selection of the optimal method for targeting the appropriate group, builds the core of our consulting approach. Knowledge of the rules and realities applicable to different markets, a deep sense of commitment, as well as strong customer ties, form the basis of both your success and ours.

The Tetris Management Consultants –
Excellence in Technology and Health Care.


Every Managing Partner is personally responsible for the success of his projects and oversees the performance-critical operations such as interviews, candidate presentation, references etc. himself.

We believe that this is the only way you can be absolutely sure that all relevant insights and important pieces of information – especially during the communication process with the candidates – are simultaneously an integral part of the consulting process, thereby ensuring efficient project completion.

We strongly believe that our emphasis on personal contact is essential. We act on the maxim “one face to the customer.”

Expertise Trust Commitment.


Our model for the cooperative and successful relationship with our clients: expertise, trust and commitment.


We combine personal experience, and therefore inside knowledge of our specialized field, with recruitment expertise. Expertise is gained through experience. All our consultants have excellent academic qualifications and had successful careers in the technology or health sector before acquiring ten years of HR consulting expertise. This is our basis.


Trust must be earned.
Our understanding of the expectations associated with a high degree of commitment and discretion is the foundation for a relationship of trust with our clients. Together with our customers we define clear goals and plan procedure. Our primary objective is to act swiftly and effectively on the basis of the agreement reached. Competence and reliability provide us with the necessary ingredients to quickly build up long-term and trusting relationships with our clients.


Motivation is always the key to success.
Being personally and intensively focused on the task in hand is the basic prerequisite for a successful recruiting process. Equally important to us is the full transparency of our actions, achieved by continuous provision of information about the current stage of proceedings. Naturally we prioritize the importance of keeping within given time frames and budget parameters.